Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fallen Off the Blog Wagon

I guess I've fallen off the blog wagon.  Honestly, we're not doing much that's interesting right now.

I could blog about how every time I come home from the grocery store, I think of something else I need.  I could blog about how Jacob chewed the candles in the family room like a little mouse, or how I think he's broken the DVD player.  I could blog about our new TV, which we finally purchased after being without one downstairs since the beginning of May.  I could blog about the deliciousness of Hershey's nuggets with almonds and my dismay at eating practically the whole package over the last few days (back to the grocery store!).  I could blog about Frank's "Turn it or Burn it" philosophy on lawn care, which amounted to him putting fertilizer on the lawn on Saturday in hopes of rain... we got the rain, so he was happy to "turn it" back to a green lawn.  I could blog about scrubbing the wood floors this morning for what I hope is the last time ever as a pregnant lady.  I could blog about Jacob's new obsession with going to the field behind the house to find rocks.

I think we're all just sort of antsy.  Ready for the upheaval of the next few weeks, and ready for the settling into a new routine.

Frank took this picture over the weekend of our "baby," the rock-catcher. 

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