Saturday, August 4, 2012

La Croix Sparkling Coconut Water- A Rant

After doing some reading on the health benefits of coconut water, I decided that we needed to give it a try.  Specifically, the high potassium content is supposed to be good for runners and pregnant women (check and check!)  Coconut water has been dubbed "Nature's Sports Drink"  for it's nearly-perfect hydration properties.

More potassium than a banana and with zero calories?  Sounds like a plan to me!

I read a few rave reviews for La Croix Sparkling Coconut Water, so when I found it at Target, I was psyched.  Zero calorie, low sodium, fat free, artificial sweetener and preservative free with the refreshing taste of coconut?  So worth the $3.83!

And then I tasted it.

Have you ever had a soda fountain drink when the machine was broken and all that came out was the carbonation?  It's that bad.

I'm a drink person.  I'm not picky.  I have, in the past, drunk beet juice for health reasons (and hated it), and it would be a toss up as to whether I would choose beet juice again or this coconut water.  Thinking about either of them makes me shiver a bit.

So because I like you, I am warning you to save your money and just have a glass of plain old water instead.

***The opinions expressed are solely my own.  I was not compensated for this product***

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  1. This is not the coconut water to which people refer when they inform you that it has more potassium than a banana. La Croix is simply seltzer water with some natural flavor added, which is exactly why it tastes like a soda fountain drink when the machine is broken.

    When people refer to coconut water as a health benefit, they refer to *real* coconut water. You know, the fluid from the inside of a coconut and not seltzer water with some coconut flavor added for a little flair.

    If you want to taste real coconut water and experience the benefits, you may want to try the real thing.