Thursday, April 26, 2012

This and That

  • We are very sharing people.  We've now given our virus to my mom, my brother, and Caleb.  It was a week incubation period, which seems strange. 

  • Have you ever eaten a Luna Protein bar?  This is your warning never to buy them!  I bought them because I'm supposed to be eating around 70 grams of protein now that I'm pregnant, and these bars had the highest amount of protein (12 grams) for the least amount of calories (170).  However, they taste like chocolatey soap.  I'm not picky by any means, but these are hardly fit to eat.
  • I've been experimenting with some other techniques other than time out for Jacob.  When he asks to go  in time out in order to get out of doing something, there's a flaw in the system.  He seems to enjoy being a helper, though, so I'm trying to play off that.  He likes to think he's being treated like an adult (which I can totally remember thinking), so getting choices and a chance to show us what a big boy he is may be the way to go for him. 

  • Speaking of acting like an adult, he now wants to read books to us!  It usually consists of him naming the pictures on each page.  ("There's an apple; That a moon; a phone; That's bunny.  He sleepin'.")
  • I made a strawberry pie this morning, the easy kind with Jell-o.
  • This evening we're going to an event with my mom's group called "Pizza, Park, and Glitter Tattoos."  They had me at glitter tattoos! We're all meeting at a park for dinner, and they've hired a "professional" who routinely works kids' birthday parties to be the tattoo artist.  There are 95 people signed up!  Between that tattoo-ing, the wind, and the sheer amount of people that are expected to be there, it should be crazy! 

  • Anyone else obsessed with "GCB"?  We love that show!  A friend who used to live in Dallas told us that the church and some of the homes really do exist, so that made me want to watch even more. I watch way too many fluffy tv shows-- I need an intervention! 

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