Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I didn't mean to take such a long blog break. 

Last week we were hit by The Great Stomach Virus of 2012, and it pretty much stopped us in our tracks for a few days.  I can't remember ever being so sick, like can't-even-crawl-upstairs-to-take-off-my-makeup sick.  Not fun.

Last week was also finals week in my classs, so most of my free time was consumed with grading. 

There are a few pictures I hadn't shared yet, so you'll forgive that the first is from two weekends ago when we met Frank's parents in St. Louis.  We went to the Soulard Market and then to the zoo. 

Jacob is at that stage where he thinks he's too big for a stroller, but he's really too small to walk without holding someone's hand.  This was the perfect solution!

This past weekend, Jacob and I went to my parents' while Frank was in Chicago at a Cubs game.  Remember how Jacob has issues with Caleb?  Magically, they seem to have resolved!  They weren't BFFs or anything, but they played in the same room and nobody cried. 

Maybe it's because they discovered a mutual love of Thomas the Train videos, which is what they're watching here.  Whatever it was, I'm happy to have finally turned that corner. 

This turned out to be a very scatterbrained post, but that's also representative of the kind of week we've had!

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