Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Buddies

On Saturday afternoon, my friend Emily, her husband Matt, and their boys Ethan (4) and Caleb (3) came to visit. They live about an hour an a half away but were in town buying a new car, so it was a great excuse to get together. FYI, they say for lightning-fast service at a car dealership, bring two small children with you and the salespeople will bend over backwards to make sure you're out the door asap! We hung out at our place for awhile before all going to get dinner.

Actually, I think think the same thing goes for restaurants as for car dealerships, since we were in and out in record time! It was so nice seeing everyone, and I love getting the boys together in the hopes of cultivating a second generation of life-long friends.

(A few pics of snack time.)

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