Friday, April 13, 2012

Opening Day at Busch Staduim

I'm a girly girl.

The talk of baseball and cars that seems to be on endless loop around here really doesn't interest me at all, but I remembered that today was opening day at Busch Staduim so I dressed Jacob in his Cardinals jersey. 

When I showed him to Frank (who was also dressed in a Cardinals shirt today), Frank said, "Did you know the Cardinals play a minor league team today?" 

"They do?"

"Yeah, and why are you in blue?"

"I don't know. I just put on this shirt.  Who do they play?  Someone whose color is blue?"

"The Cubs!  They play the Cubs!  Get it, "minor league?"  You should put on a different shirt."

Jacob chimes in with, "Yeah!" 

Obviously, I am easily confused, so it's just not nice to mess with me like that!

(I actually took these pictures a few weeks ago when I was nice outside.  Today was chilly and rainy.)

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