Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Christmas Party!

On Thursday morning, Jacob and I went to a Christmas party at Kimberly and Jasper's house.  There were 4 boys total- three 3 year olds and Jacob, and one 9 month old little girl.

We enjoyed some yummy Christmas cookies and powdered doughnut holes.

(Not sure what the blur is about, sorry)

And made some Christmas ornaments and a glitter pine cone with Miss Kimberly.

We also played a game that was like the Grand Prize Game from the Bozo Show.

The older boys were good at it.  Jacob... not so much!

And of course, there was a lot of playtime while the mamas drank coffee and chatted. 

We had such a fun time, and their house was so festive!  Check out Kimberly's blog for a few more- and better- pictures!

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