Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Home Tour

I think I've shared my "more is more" philosophy on Christmas decorations. 

We've kept it relatively minimal for the past few years, and I finally decided it was time to kick it into gear a bit. 

My favorite new addition to our decorations is in the family room.  Ever since we moved here, I've been dreaming about garland on my stairs at Christmas and.... voila!

Love it!  It's not bright green pine; it's a little distressed and more realistic looking, I think.  The bonus is that it is the same type of pine as I used over the mantel.

I decided to play off of the gold in the ribbon with some big gold pinecones on the coffee table.

A little bling on the entertainment center:

Here's a quick shot of the kitchen.  You can barely see the little Charlie Brown tree by the sink, but it's one of my favorite things.  I've found a place for that little tree wherever I've moved. 

 And a close-up of a few of the other kitchen decorations, just because I think they're pretty.

Did you notice the kissing ball in the doorway?  Pretty sure I've gotten way more kisses from my kid underneath it than from my husband, so I'll have to turn that around in the next 10 days!

Our decorations upstairs are a bit more colorful.  On the upstairs landing, we have a little tree that Jacob loves.  Its base broke last year, so I spray painted a flower pot and used that for a new base this year. 

The craziness in the playroom deserves a post all its own. 

Jacob's Great-Grandma Marion gifted him with these Hallmark toys that each play different Christmas songs.  What was I to do but set them all out and string some colored lights around the table?!  It makes me laugh every time I walk in the room!

So I've saved the best for last. 

We kept our tradition of using a real tree, and this one is a Balsam Fir.  (I purposely cut off the bottom of the tree in this shot so you can't see the pine needles all over my carpet, though!)  There is no ribbon or garland and not even many ornaments because my kid is a climber.  But it makes the room seem super-cozy, and I love it anyway!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

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