Sunday, September 18, 2011

S'More Fun

Since we've lived in this house, Frank has wanted a fire pit, and last week, his dream came true- we finally bought a fire pit!  Friday night was perfect weather for sitting by the fire, as it was chilly but not cold. 

Using some dry juniper as kindling, Frank got the fire started in no time. 

(I know this probably should be on concrete somewhere, but we don't have room!  We did wet the mulch underneath in case there were any stray sparks.)

We did a little marshmallow roasting

and a little marshmallow burning.

The s'mores were delicious!

Surprisingly, Jacob wasn't a fan of the s'mores, but he did like eating the graham crackers.

We were outside until Jacob's bedtime, and then I caught him,

Nooo bedtime!

put him to bed, and went back outside with Frank to enjoy the last of the fire.  It was a fun evening, and we can't wait to to it... s'more!  (haha, I couldn't resist!)

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