Thursday, September 22, 2011


  • I've totally been in the mood for some fall desserts-- anything with apple, pumpkin, banana, caramel or brown sugar.   I haven't made anything, though, because I would probably be eating it by myself.  Frank's idea of a good dessert involves chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate.  He would eat a 'courtesy helping' of my non-chocolate dessert, but I don't think he understands why I would want an apple crisp just because the weather is chilly. 

  • Any good recommendations for fall TV shows?  We haven't caught any new shows.  Actually, we're hooked on the "Dallas" re-runs that are available through TNT.  We both remember our parents watching it and remember bits and pieces about the show, so it's fun to watch the old episodes now as an adult.

  • My closet shelf is still broken.

  • Jacob has been very into giving his stuffed animals a personality.  He wants them to do exactly what he does, and thinks it's hysterical when they "cry." 

  • I'm still hoping to pick up some additional classes.  I am now in Week 6 of what was supposed to be a 3-5 week credentialing process for the second university.  The person in charge of the process isn't responding to my emails, either, so I'm getting pretty impatient.  I've also applied for an adjunct online position at a third university, although I think this position is probably a longshot. 

  • That's about all I know for today!



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  1. If you're not already watching Parenthood, you totally should. It's my favorite show right now.