Monday, August 29, 2011


Sorry to tell such a long, rambling story about our hot water and then leave you hanging on the ending.  The ending was actually very anti-climactic:  The plumber came that afternoon, and within a few minutes, he was back upstairs.  He had lit the pilot light and really had no explanation for why we couldn't get it to stay lit that morning, other than we had really strong winds overnight and into the early morning.  The best part?  He didn't charge us!!

Remember this post?  I went to Hobby Lobby that weekend to look for supplies.  However, by the time I found a frame I liked ($34 at 50% off), a "J" letter, two different kinds of spray paint, and some ribbon, the cost would have been just as much as buying something new, so I decided to pass.  I would really like to get some new fall decorations this year, so I'll save my money for that.  It's a cute project, though, and something to keep in mind should I ever find a cheap frame. 

And finally, a nail polish update.  (I'll bet Frank just stopped reading.) This is Essie's "Chinchilly," one of their new fall colors. 
Love it!  Dark nail polish sometimes looks a little goth on me because I'm so fair, but this is a nice steely-grey color that's just perfect for fall!

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  1. I tried the chinchilly color after seeing your recommendation and really like it too!