Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Morning in the Life

I'm pretty sure Jacob and I had a different point of view of our morning yesterday.  Although I have to guess on his thoughts, the events were actually true.


8:00- Mom- Hunt for "S" key from computer keyboard that Jacob plucked off the day before.

8:00- Jacob- Hahaha!  She'll never find that key!  I hid it in the bottom desk drawer... oh... she found it.  Darn.

8:20- Mom- Begin cleaning upstairs bathrooms

8:20- Jacob- Why did mom bring me upstairs to watch her clean bathrooms?  This is stupid.  I hate the smell of that cleaning stuff.  Ooooh, look, the potty.. 

8:30- Mom- Yell at Jacob for trying to play in toilet.  Close door to master toilet area.

8:30- Jacob- Why can't I play in the potty?!  I guess I'll have to play in the closet.

8:40- Mom- Remove Jacob from closet, since he's dragging shoes all over the bedroom.  Pick up shoes. Close door to closet  Return to cleaning bathroom.

8:40- Jacob- Waaahh!  I was making the room look nice with all the shoes.  Now I'll just go downstairs.

9:00- Mom- Oh, crap.  Why is it so quiet?

9:00- Jacob- Oh, cool.  I can sit on the window seat in the kitchen and take this grill-thingy off the window. I'm sure they didn't want it on there, anyway. That was fun.  Now I'm going to bring my cars onto window seat. 

9:00- Mom- Figure out how to put the grill back on the window.  It fits, but it doesn't really stay.  What did he do to it?

9:15- Mom- What to give Jacob for a snack?  Applesauce and a cracker... sounds great.

9:15- Jacob- Applesauce and a cracker?  Where's my Cookie?!  I want a cookie!  Cookie!  Now! 

9:30- Mom- Did not give in to demands for a cookie, but did agree to some iced tea in a sippy cup.  Finish cleaning bathrooms.  Turn on Sesame Street.

9:30- Jacob-  I love Sesame Street!  This is the one where they show Oscar the Grouch's mom!  She looks/acts like my mom!

9:45- Mom- Bathrooms finished and laundry started.  Try not to take it personally that Jacob is saying "Mom" every time Oscar the Grouch's mom comes on the screen.

10:00- Mom- Storytime.  Read 4,126,343 books.

10:00- Jacob- Storytime.  I love storytime, but she never reads enough books!

10:15- Mom- Switch laundry from washing machine to dryer and start a new load.

10:15- Jacob- Take wet towels and run down the hall.  Refuse to return them to the dryer. Oh, look, while I'm at the top of the stairs, I might as well throw some cars down the stairs.  What a great game!

10:15- Mom- Gather wet towels; put in dryer.  Ignore the car-throwing. Go downstairs and start dishwasher.

10:15- Jacob- Hahaha!  I put a pen in that dishwasher!  I wonder what will happen!

10:30- Mom- Get out paper and crayons for drawing. 

10:30- Jacob- Drawing is fun, but eating the crayons is more fun.  Oh, nooo, she's writing the alphabet again.  Next thing you know, she'll be singing.

10:45- Mom- (sings alphabet song, gets about halfway before being stopped by Jacob vigorously shaking his head, "no")

11:00- Mom- Goes upstairs to switch laundry.

11:00- Jacob- Climbs onto barstools and then onto the island.  Awesome!  There is all kinds of stuff up here to play with. 

11:15- Mom- Freaks out seeing Jacob standing on the island.  He's never done that before!  Tries to interest Jacob in some cars while unloading the dishwasher. 

11:15- Jacob- Cars!  Cars are awesome!  But... mom is unloading the dishwasher, and maybe I should help her.  I know!  I'll put all my little cars in the dishwasher while it's open!  I can also take some of this clean silverware into the other room.  I'm such a good helper.

11:30- Mom- Why is there a pen in the dishwasher?  Huh, it still works.  Fishes little cars out of the dishwasher. Retrieves spoons from family room.

11:30- Mom- It's lunch time.  What can I fix that he will eat...Where did he go, anyway?

11:30- Jacob- Why can't I just have cookies for lunch?  I'm going to hide behind the couch and see if mom can find me...

The rest of our day was pretty much like the morning.  Can you see why I'm ready for bed by 9pm?!

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