Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lunchtime Concerts

When I hear people say there's nothing to do in Bloomington-Normal, it always surprises me.  Both Frank and I grew up in small towns, and we're so happy to be raising our family in an area that is small-ish enough to run into friends on the street yet large enough to have lots of opportunities for us and our boys.  Maybe because we grew up in small towns, we try to take advantage of as many fun things as we can.  Plus, I'm easily entertained, so there isn't much that I'll discount as being "boring."

The park district here is amazing.  There are so many activities and classes and free events for both kids and adults, and one event that we enjoy is the lunchtime concert series.  Each Wednesday from 11:30-1, they host a different band at a park shelter uptown, and people can come for free and listen.

A few weeks ago before this last heat wave, Jacob and I packed our PB&Js and decided to check them out.  The atmosphere was really fun because there were a lot of different people from little kids to college students to business people on lunch break, and the music got everyone into a chill, summer vibe.

We sat in the shade on our little blanket.  Jacob thinks eating outside is pretty cool anyway, and he was really getting into the music.

After he was done eating, he decided to play his "horn," too!

It was a fun way to break up our day!

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  1. I feel the same way about Blono. Growing up and living in a tiny town makes you appreciate all of that stuff. I can't wait to live in town!