Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baby Bear

So many people have asked if Jacob knows he's going to be a big brother.  I know he knows... that something is happening.

He talks about baby brother and says that he will give baby brother a bottle and change his diapers.  (Yeah, right!)  He knows that baby brother will cry sometimes, and he also knows that lots of changes have been happening in the former storage room, which will be baby brother's room.

Last week, I was spending a lot of time in baby brother's room hanging curtains, doing laundry, switching around furniture and accessories, so of course, my little shadow was right on my heels.  He brought a bunch of cars with him, but then started to get interested in all the new stuff laying around.

So we wrapped a stuffed bear in a blanket and he kept himself busy giving the bear a bottle, burping him, and getting him in and out of the crib!  Jacob is the kid who never really played with stuffed animals (other than Mimi, his dolphin and BFF) and treats dolls like creepy aliens, so to see him interact with the bear was pretty funny.

He loved it when I told him the bear was crying and needed a bottle or a paci.  He was also more than happy to test the (empty) bottle and the paci (below) for quality assurance purposes.  I think by this time, he was also reading the baby bear a story.  

If he does as well with his real baby brother, that would be amazing!

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