Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Last weekend, we went to Southern IL for the wedding of Frank's cousin Anna.

It also gave Jacob an opportunity to spend time with his cousins Jenna and Brett.  Jenna was in Anna's wedding,  so we didn't see her most of Saturday, but Brett came over to play with Jacob.

Jacob must have been worn out after playing in the pool because he napped most of the afternoon!  By the time he woke up, everyone else was getting ready to leave for the wedding.  I hadn't planned on Jacob and I going to the actual wedding, so it was no big deal that he slept so late.

I was so excited to get him dressed.  Obviously, he knew he was rockin' his look.

After the wedding, Frank picked us up for the reception.  I really should have gotten more pictures of the reception hall as it was really lovely; I was just a little busy with a bored, hungry toddler.

(Okay, well, he looks harmless enough in this picture, but trust me, it wasn't all smiles and snuggles.)

We had the best table.  We got to sit by Grandma Anna, Jenna, and Brett

and Janell, Aunt Dianne, Great Grandma Vivian, and LaVern.

Like most people, Jacob's highlights of the evening included food

and dancing!

He did not get his dancing skills from either one of us!  The boy has some moves!

Jenna and Brett spent the night with us that night since their parents were out of town.  The next morning, after some delicious waffles, the kids lounged around in their pj's and played.

We went out to eat for lunch.  Notice they're still playing with the iPod?  Jacob was in electronics heaven!

We had a great weekend celebrating with all of our cousins!

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