Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Randoms

1.  As a family, we got a new ipad for Christmas, and the kids are all about taking pictures and making videos.  As such, we've been finding all kinds of little gems when we open those folders.

2.  Jacob had his first Upward basketball game last weekend.  It was...interesting. I'm hoping this week will go a little smoother now that he knows what to expect.

3.  It was really cold a few days ago, and when I went into Jacob's room after he'd left for school, I found that he gave Mimi (his stuffed dolphin) a blanket before he left!

4.  Speaking of cuddly, the boys decided to have a "sleepover" in the playroom during the long weekend last weekend.  They spent two evenings tucked in bed with all their blankets and pillows and stuffed animals watching movies.  They actually even slept!  However, early Sunday morning, the first thing I heard was Carter whispering, "Get away from me, Jakey.  I don't like snuggles!"

5.  We have a few coyotes that have been hanging around the subdivision in recent weeks.  I snapped the picture below midafternoon last week, and I was so glad Shadow was inside!  I saw the coyote again yesterday just behind our fence and when I stepped out the back door to "shoo" it, it looked at me like, "Really, lady?"  So they're not exactly scared of people.

6.  Some of you know that we lost a friend and neighbor to suicide a few weeks before Christmas.  Another neighbor organized a run in his memory last weekend.  Frank did the running; I lent my moral support.

7.  Our library hosted a program for new readers where kids could read to certified therapy dogs.  Even though Jacob isn't a huge dog person, he said he wanted to do it, and he even brought a book about dogs.  I was picturing the dog as a sweet little beagle or something--- nope!  He had the biggest dog in the whole place!  To her credit, she was a sweet dog, and laid her (giant) head on his leg as he read.

8.  And I leave you with some big news:  My man Carter finally- FINALLY- earned his "No Diapers Party," complete with a cake and decorations.   Before the cake was even eaten, he was already propositioning me with things he could do to earn more cakes in the future.  Cake as a parenting strategy-- it could work!

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