Thursday, February 18, 2016

Valentine's Weekend Recap

I wanted to pop in to do a quick Valentine's weekend recap.  (And no, I still haven't figured out the redecorating situation in the office and fireplace room.  And no, Carter still doesn't have a bedspread.)

Anyway, we got the boys each a helium balloon for Valentine's Day.  For kids who aren't easily impressed, they thought the balloons were pretty cool.

These pretty flowers were from my dad.  One of the flowers have something in their stem that turns the water pink- that was a cool little surprise!

And although he spent much of the weekend preparing for some work-related stuff he had to do on Monday, Frank came though with these yellow tulips.

The kids looked super-cute going to church in their red-and-white button down shirts.

The best part of the weekend was that it was a long weekend! Monday was Presidents Day and our district had a School Improvement Day on Tuesday, so we had a four-day weekend!

I try to do some kind of special breakfast on days off.  Monday it was Monkey Bread, and Tuesday, Jacob asked for bacon, eggs, and a cheese quesadilla.  Okay, then...

Here's where my picture-taking skills die.  On Monday, we went to the gym, and on Tuesday, we went to the indoor playground in Champaign.  I forgot my camera both days.  Although I did have my phone, it doesn't take the greatest pictures, so you'll just have to imagine all of the running, jumping, climbing, yelling, spinning, bouncing, skipping, and sliding that come along with both of these activities.  (I was totally ready for bed both nights--- those two have way too much energy!!)

Lots of fun packed into four short days!

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