Thursday, January 7, 2016

Re-decorating Craziness

The new year always makes me want to organize and redecorate. I want to clean out every closet and make a huge trip to The Container Store to find cute little bins, boxes, and baskets for all of my necessary items (read: useless stuff).

So then I decided to use some of the Christmas money from my parents to redecorate our office and living room.  Here's how the office currently looks:

And because the rooms are on opposite sides of the foyer, I want to update the living room, too.

Here are my concerns with this space:

The floor in the entry and office is Brazillian Cherry, which I don't feel lends itself as well to the usual blues/greens/creams that I've used as I've updated the rest of the house.  

The desk was custom-made, and the cabinet above it was built by the previous owner, recycling the top of a neighbor's hutch.  This character is why we bought the house, and I feel like a bold wall color better highlights these features yet I think a lighter wall color might be fresher and more modern.

I like the current level of coordination and color-flow between these two rooms, and I'm not sure how to create that on my own.

And last but not least- Frank likes the red and thinks it should stay!

Now, I'm a smart girl, and I know when I'm in over my head, so I emailed one of my very favorite designers who occasionally does e-design.  I haven't heard back from her yet, but I'm hoping she will take me on as a client!

This week, I started a few small updates on our bathroom.  Seriously, we haven't made any changes here since we moved in in 2009.  New towels have been purchased and a new mirrored tray is on order. It's a small space, so I think I can just change up some accessories here and make us think we're in a new room.  

Another potential reorganization is the playroom.  The kids toys are changing, and rather than 234, 876 toy cars, we have fewer, larger toys such as a play kitchen and a "school room" easel/chalkboard. We also have a new TV that Frank received as a gift, and in true Frank style, he bought an antenna that gets randomly odd channels that he thinks are fantastic.  Of course, the antenna only works in the part of the room opposite the entertainment center, so for now the TV is on the floor.  The entertainment center is too tall to move to the other wall, because the ceiling slopes.  Do we need two TVs in one room (cable and antenna)?  Should I get rid of the cable TV, cut off the top of the entertainment center, move it to the opposite wall, and use it for Frank's TV?  These are the things I think about in the middle of the night.

Then, I realize my ACTUAL project in 2016 was supposed to be turning Carter's room into a "big-boy" room over the next few months.  That's going to be much, much simpler, though.  I've narrowed my bedspread choices down to three:

The one above would match perfectly with the navy, light blue and orange already in his room

This sporty one above just somehow looked like Carter to me.   This is kind of my "out-there" choice, since I typically don't like themed rooms.

And then there's the good old madras plaid.  Jacob almost got this bedspread, I've loved it so long. Maybe madras plaid with some combination of sporty pillows?  Maybe I will keep thinking...

So I've been like a hmmingbird fluttering from project to project, probably not making much headway in any of them!

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