Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

{Subtitle:  A Whole Bunch of Randomness in One Post}

I bet you've been wondering about my cherry tomato plant (surely you have, haven't you?).  I"m happy to report that it has far surpassed my expectations and has been giving us a few cherry tomatoes each day for the last few weeks.  Jacob and I take turns each morning going out to pick them and eat them for breakfast.  Happiness is a warm cherry tomato straight off the vine. 

Speaking of happiness, a few weeks ago Frank and I escaped to a local winery.  It's a tiny, out-of-the way place that feels like you're sitting outside on someone's back porch.  They just built a structure, probably for weddings, that overlooks their pond, and it was so peaceful.  

I think grapevines are cool.  

The kids spent some time with their cousins that evening.  These pictures cracked me up!

Have you met my new little tiger/kitty?  We got him at the Hudson Fun Fest last week.  I suppose we'll keep him. ;)

We've been hard at work.

 Jacob scooping watermelon

Helping the neighbor shuck corn

Carter lining up his cars

Helping dad mow

And we've also been playing hard

At the park

Doing some painting

A tour of the fire station

And their very first all-night backyard camping experience!

We've eaten well, too

Lunch in the tent.  It was about 90 degrees, but these two didn't care!

Make-Your-Own-Mini-Pizza Friday Night.  

And an evening picnic in the park.

Summer is just so much fun!

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