Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Kindergartener!

We officially have a kindergartener!

A little sidenote:

Last Tuesday was Back-to-School night, and the school had two food trucks on the grounds to serve dinner, with a portion of the proceeds going to the PTO.  The kids were excited to picnic at Jacob's school.  However, a monster storm rolled through right around the dinner hour and forced us into the gym to wait out the tornado warning.  Nothing like being in an unfamiliar place with two kids, two bags of school supplies, two plates of nachos, and a tornado overhead!

After things calmed down, we found Jacob's room.  (As you might imagine, he's very excited about the Smart Board!)

The next morning we had cinnamon rolls and bacon for breakfast, per the kindergartener's request,

and I took about a million pictures

 until Jacob zoned out!

It even felt like fall that morning, and we needed jackets for the first time since spring.

It's so, so nice that our bus stop is right on our corner.  For six years now, we've been watching everyone's kids get on and off the bus, and today my kid was out there with them.  (That still kind of blows my mind!)

With his bestie Elsah

Our morning bus stop crew.

Jacob loves waiting for the bus.  He honestly thinks he hosts a little party for a bunch of girls every morning because they all come over to his house to wait!  He has never been nervous about going to school (knock on wood), and he wasn't even nervous that morning.

The bus pulled up, and he climbed on as though he'd been doing it all of his life.

I did fine until the bus actually drove away! :)

After school, I picked him up, and he was pretty impressed with himself.  He was wearing a crown that said, "I'm a Kindergarten Star" and he had lots to tell me about the bus ride  Not surprisingly, I've gotten very little information from him about his actual day, but he seems to enjoy it.

Overall, the first few days have gone better than I expected!

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