Friday, July 17, 2015

Wisconsin Dells- Day 3

Our final day of vacation can be summed up in one word:  waterpark!  After a quick breakfast, we were ready to go when the park opened at 10.  Even Carter got in on the action, albeit briefly.

I'll just let this total overload of pictures do the talking...

Rather than spending $7 for a kid's burger at the cafe at Great Wolf, we opted for a little Culver's as a late lunch in our room.

After lunch, we went back down to the waterpark, but a certain someone was sooo tired.  I situated us on a chair at the pretend beach overlooking the wave pool, and Carter was out!  I had to post this picture because I can't remember the last time I've held a napping kid.

Once Carter woke up, he was back to his old self. :) :) :)

The rest of the kids continued to play until we had to get ready for dinner.  For dinner we went to Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty, which is kind of like Cracker Barrel on, well.. crack!  The amazing thing was that Gary, Anna, and Frank all remember coming here when they vacationed in the Dells in the '80s.  Meals are served family-style, and the gift shop was huge.

For our final activity, we headed over to Knuckleheads, a huge family fun center.

We did a little bumper car riding,

played some arcade games, and rode some other rides.  If it's called, "Tornado," you know my kid is going to try it!

Hey, what about me?

Carter even found a little car ride that he loved.

I have to give props to Jenna at this point, because after finding out he enjoyed that ride so much, she used her own tickets to let him ride it again. There might be a reason Carter is so smitten with her!!

Meanwhile, Frank and Brett were having some sort of face-off with a crazy game where the objective was to stomp on the floor and kill aliens.

We finished out our night by jumping on a huge jumping pillow while Jenna and Brett went to another area to jump on trampolines.

Best part of vacation?  Tired kids!!

Thanks for the memories, Great Wolf Lodge!  We will be back again!

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