Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wisconsin Dells- Day 1

Last week we took a trip to Wisconsin Dells with Gary, Anna, Jenna, and Brett.  Everyone spent the night with us on Saturday, and we set out bright and early on Sunday morning.  After making only one pit stop, we arrived in the Dells early in the afternoon

(Obligatory vacation photo in front of a state sign)

We discovered our hotel room at the Super 8 wasn't quite ready yet, so we decided to miniature golf.  Now, everyone has a different idea of what "vacation" means to them, but one thing that is synonymous with vacation to me in miniature golf.  We found a great place called Pirates Cove that was very scenic and also had a petting zoo.  We also found out that Carter loves to miniature golf, even though his version more closely resembles playing pool and ends with him dropping the ball in the hole!

(This picture of Brett might be my favorite one of the whole trip!)

After golfing, the kids we ready to swim, so we went back to our room to change.  I laid Carter's trunks on the bed and went to get Jacob's... and froze.  

Jacob's suitcase.

I didn't remember loading Jacob's suitcase.  But I didn't remember loading Carter's, either, and it was here, so surely... 


All of those cool little vacation outfits were folded neatly in his suitcase, which was now three and a half hours away.  #momfail.

After a quick trip to WalMart, we were good to go.  Fortunately, if I was going to forget anyone's suitcase, that was the cheapest one to forget, since Carter's also contained his diapers and both of their toiletries. Two shirts, two pairs of shorts, and a pair of swim trunks later, the incident was behind us.

The first night, we went to dinner at an awesome little pizza place.  The best thing about traveling with a group of family is that there is always so much food to be shared! "Want some fries?  Have some of mine."  "Do you want some of my pasta? I won't eat it all."  "Have a bite.  No seriously, have more."  I think we all had our dinners plus a little bit of everyone else's! 

After dinner, we did a little swimming, and then both kids made a beeline for Grandma and Grandpa's room.  I think all four of them (or maybe all six of them?:) ) loved being next-door-neighbors on vacation.  Lots of back-and-forth,what's-the-password kind of craziness!

*** To Be Continued***

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