Monday, September 15, 2014

One Sunny Fall Afternoon

Last Saturday was a gorgeous fall day- not cold, just crisp- and Frank decided we should go to Sugar Grove Nature Center.  We try to go there at least once a season.  (Remember this post from last year?)

The Nature Center has an indoor museum with snakes and frogs, etc, and they also have a huge wooded area where kids can play.  It's not a park, per se, but they have rustic structures where the kids can play.

Um, do you know my kids?  Playing outside with leaves and sticks is right up their alley. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, but I did get some pictures on Frank's phone (this is my way of apologizing for the quality... normally his phone takes great pictures, but I think it was just too bright outside and most of these have a glare.)  You can still get an idea of our afternoon, though...

Mama-Daddy selfie!

Probably the craziest thing of all--- Carter on the same bench one year later.  Look how he's grown!


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