Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nothing Has Broken Today and a Collection of Other Happy Scenarios

At the beginning of the year, I decided I would see how many weeks we could go without any major and/or expensive repairs.  I didn't tell anyone about my plan but thought to myself that I would just count each week that went by and focus on the fact that nothing had broken.

Well... about two weeks into the year, I decided that was a stupid idea and decided to try for a day.  One day where nothing new broke.  Last week almost forced me to abandon this plan as well.  Today, though, today nothing new has broken, gotten torn up, or lost.  I realize it's only 2:00 in the afternoon, and I shouldn't count my chickens, but this is amazing.

Another great thing:  this morning I had the best cup of coffee that I've had in forever.  Yesterday we got a new coffeemaker (old one died), and the difference is amazing!

Happy Scenario #3:  There is finally a mirror on order for Jacob's room.  I've wanted a rope mirror there forever, but I didn't want to pay the prices I was finding online (I'm looking at you, Pottery Barn Kids).  Last week, I checked Etsy, and found what I hope is going to be the perfect mirror for a much lower price.  It even hangs by a real boat cleat!  It's currently stuck in transit because of bad weather from where it ships in Hilton Head, but I'm hoping to have it by the first of next week.

So then I got inspired to change things up in the rest of the house and ordered some new pillows!  I ordered two in the fabric below

and one in tan and cream chevron.  I'm keeping the solid blue ones that are on the couches now, and I have my fingers crossed they will all mix and match well.  On a related note, online shopping rocks.

And finally, one good thing about the relentless cold and wind is that it gives me a reason to have some hearty comfort food. I made Spinach Chicken and Noodle Soup from this recipe and it was fantastic.  I've made quite a few recipes from his site, and I highly recommend it.  Easy and delicious!

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