Monday, October 21, 2013

Movie Night...Much Better in Theory

Last Friday night was our first really chilly night of the season, and what could be better on a chilly Friday night than movie night?

Except for the fact that we have a 3 year old and a 1 year old, who have the combined attention span of a fruit fly, so this was a much better idea in theory than in reality.  

We started off with high hopes.  Toy Story was rented from the library; pillows and blankets were piled on the floor; and popcorn was in the microwave.

The popcorn was definitely the highlight of the evening, and once it was gone, their interest in the movie completely disappeared.

We discovered that Carter loves popcorn!  I have NO idea how he eats it (choking hazard, anyone?), but he probably ate more popcorn than any of us!

(Notice he is getting everyone to give him popcorn?)

Pretty soon, we (well, Carter) had finished the bowl, and Jacob and Carter started to fight.  We whisked Carter up to bed, but I still held on to the fantasy that it would be a treat for Jacob to stay up late and cuddle with us.




He bounced off the walls... and the furniture... and since he had no interest in the movie, Frank switched over to the Cardinals game.  I don't even think Jacob noticed.  By around 9, one whole hour after his normal bedtime, we called it quits.

After picking up all the pillows, shaking the popcorn crumbs out of the blankets, and putting the coffee table back in place, we realized that maybe movie night was one idea that was still better in theory!

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