Monday, October 14, 2013

In Stitches

The kids have suddenly gotten really funny, like little unintentional comedians.  Frank's aunt commented that they must keep us all in stitches, and honestly, in between cleaning crumbs off things, stepping on Matchbox cars, and fixing things they've broken,  I really am laughing at a lot of the things they say and do.

Here are some snippets...

Jacob told me he needed to go to "Barker's."  When I questioned him,, he said, "You know, the 'dealershipt.' They have a Cadillac for me!" Barkers really is our Cadillac dealership (or "dealershipt" as he says), but how he knew that is beyond me.

Carter, who has always been a good eater, is now starting to talk.  One of his favorite words?  "'Nack!" (snack).  It's so funny to watch him cruise into the kitchen  yelling, "'Nack!  'Nack! Nack!"

(On the hunt for a 'nack)

On Jacob's Christmas list:  a soda stream machine, a turtle, an Escalade, and a magic wand.

I had a girls' night last Friday and got home after the kids went to bed.  The next morning, I heard Jacob talking in his room, so I went to tell him it was okay to get out of bed.  As I peeked in his room, he looked at me, horrified, and asked, "Did you just get home?!"

We had been talking about corn, and how corn grows on a cornstalk in the field.  Now he asks things like, "Where does soup grow?  What about biscuits?  Do they come from a tree?  Where would a cookie grow? Do cookies grow in the field, too?"
Carter hates getting dropped off in the church nursery.  He's made it through an entire service exactly twice. Our church assigns each a number to each family, and if you see your number come up on their pager system, it means to come get your kid.  Jacob and Carter are both 2979.  Last Sunday, 3979 flashed over the system.  Frank and I looked at each other.  "Should we check it out?"  Sure enough, it was Carter.  I am oddly proud that we know our kid well enough to know that he was probably being naughty even though we didn't actually get paged.

Speaking of church, Jacob was the only kid in his Sunday School class to come home wearing construction-paper sheep ears.  The only one.  I have no words.

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