Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Looks I Get

When we get the boys dressed for church on Sunday, I always have the urge to take a picture.  I want to capture that rare time when Jacob isn't in track shorts; when his hair is combed; when everyone is clean and smells like Johnson's baby lotion.  (Because I still put a little baby lotion on my 3.5 year old.  Kids who smell nice get treated nicer by teachers.  It's true.)

The only glitch in my plan is that my boys never want to sit still for a picture.  They don't want to look at me. They don't want to smile.

As soon as I put away the camera, they're photogenic again, but when I try to take a picture, these are the looks I get:

(See the temporary tattoo on Jacob's arm?  He got it at a party the night before, and he thought it was way cool. Hopefully, his Sunday School teachers overlooked it since he smelled so pretty.)  

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