Monday, July 8, 2013

Lawn Care With Jacob

Whenever we go outside, Jacob doesn't play.  He works.  He has lots of work to do, he always tells me.

He starts by mowing the lawn.

Sometimes it's hard work.  

And sometimes the mower breaks down.

But finally, he's finished, and ready to put the mower back in the garage.

After mowing comes edging, complete with the high-pitched squealing noise that a real edger makes.  (It doesn't matter that this is actually a wheelbarrow.  It's his edger.  Don't try to tell him otherwise.)

Then, he has to turn on the blower to blow the grass off the driveway.  For this one, he uses a bike pump, but- you guessed it- he doesn't want to hear that this is really a bike pump.  It's an edger. He is also accompanied by a loud "motor" noise.

Next, he has to clear the grass off the sidewalks.

Finally, he has finished with the lawn and can turn is attention to the landscaping.

So much to do, so little time!

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