Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Who Needs Baby Food?

Not Carter, that's for sure.

After cutting his first tooth and then having a cold, I could understand why he wasn't particularly excited to eat, but when he finally got well and still wouldn't eat from a spoon, I got a little nervous.  I know that babies this age get their calories from milk, and that food is still just "play," but he was he was completely refusing to play!

I had been thinking about baby led weaning for a while, so this just gave me a reason to abandon the spoon and baby food.  At first, I squished up some bananas and set them on his tray.  He loved it!

As he got (a little) better at getting the food in his mouth, we tried peaches, pears, peas, green beans, avocado (the messiest!), apples, mango, and carrots.  Now, he is eating cheerios, which I soak for a few minutes in his milk so they're soggy, and pasta.  (Oh, and pizza crust.  He loves to gnaw on pizza crust, and I feel like such a responsible mom giving my 8 month old pizza crust, haha!)

Last week, we had a dish that had pasta, cannellini beans, and spinach, so I diced that really finely, and he thought it was great.  The boy loooves his pasta!

One of the tenants of baby-led weaning is that baby eats what you eat.  With one tooth, it's hard to truly eat what we're eating, but I've been trying to make meals where he can eat the veggie or the fruit.  I think he feels like he's doing what we're doing, and I can appreciate his independent streak.

We should, however, consider a dog, because this is a really, really messy endeavor!

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