Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday: Stream of Consciousness

Frank said I should have titled the previous post, "My 4 Loves" because the cat was also in the picture.  I actually debated about cropping the cat out-- she is not on my good side right now.  

Two weekends ago was the ICCA Cheerleading Competition.  My father-in-law does the videography, and we sit at a table that day selling the videos.  After moving my pictures to the computer, I found a couple of cute photos from that weekend:  

(I kind of wonder what Frank did to him mom to get this look!) 

We celebrated the Chinese New Year last week as well.  Jacob and I cut out little paper fans, and we glued a dragon on a paper bag.  

Unfortunately, the ONLY thing I could really find in terms of Chinese food was a bagged, frozen meal, eggrolls, and La Choy fortune cookies.  Not quite as authentic as I'd hoped, but it's the thought that counts, right?

My window grilles came in!!  I feel so much less trashy now that all my windows look the same from the outside. 

Carter got a mesh feeder for Valentine's Day, the kind where you put a little bit of fruit in it and let him chew on the fruit through the mesh.  Jacob never had one because I thought it would be too messy, but I'm going to try some different feeding techniques this time around.  So far, I have put a slice of frozen peach in the feeder as well as some pears.  He likes it, but I don't know if he knows quite what to do with it.  

I thought this picture was cute because it's pretty representative of what goes on around here on a daily basis:  Jacob holding a phone and Carter watching Jacob.  I can't wait for the day when they actually play together.  

And finally, this post was originally titled "Friday: Stream of Consciousness," but it took me 3 days just to find the time to write these few short paragraphs!

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