Friday, February 8, 2013

Best Week Ever

I'm pretty sure Jacob has had the best week ever.

Last weekend, he went to Grandma Anna and Grandpa Gary's house to spend the night.  He had an absolute blast!  He got to go the the Verizon store (since he is obsessed with phones) and Steak n' Shake AND he got to play with two of his BFFs, cousins Jenna and Brett.

On Sunday morning he told Grandma that he wasn't coming home, and after Grandma told him that we would be sad if he didn't come home, Jacob replied that we could always Skype!  Alrighty then.

All week he has been furiously "texting" his grandparents on one of his many, many play phones, and when I ask him what he's texting them, he usually replies something along the lines of, "I'm telling them I can come back to their house now."

Then on Wednesday, Jacob, Carter, and I met my parents and Sarah and Caleb at the coolest indoor playground in Champaign.  I thought we'd maybe be there for an hour or so, but there was so much for the kids to do and so much room to run (indoor track!) that we were there for almost two hours! My pictures don't do it justice.

Jacob and Caleb definitely burned off some energy!

After a morning of playing, we all ended up at-- where else-- Steak n' Shake!  We all decided we needed to   do this again before spring.

So to recap:  all 4 grandparents, all 3 cousins, fun new adventures... yeah, best week ever.

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