Monday, November 12, 2012

Randoms; Heavy on the Kid Stuff

Yet another post of bullet points...

  • When Jacob was a baby, I couldn't wait to get him out of sleepers and "babyish" looking clothes.  It just didn't fit his personality.  Who puts their CEO in a fuzzy sleeper with monkey feet?  It was ridiculous.  But with Carter, I am loving the soft little sleepers and crocheted hats. He just smiles and coos, and that look totally works for him.  However, I finally broke down and decided that he maybe I should put him in some big boy clothes once in a while.  Last week, he wore his first pair of jeans! 

  • A few days ago, I made Skillet Mac and Cheese from Iowa Girl Eats.  It is the perfect cold-weather meal, and I'll definitely be making it again!

  • We are huge fans of the new show Nashville.  Connie Britton still reminds me of Friday Night Lights, which is one of my all-time favorite shows, so I had to give her a try in Nashville and I'm hooked!  I even like the music!

  • Look at my little buddy sitting in his Bumbo seat!

Wait, that's my toddler.....

Here's the baby...

He's still too little to sit in in for long, but I think he likes the change of scenery.

  • So one afternoon, I was upstairs and heard an enormous crash downstairs followed by, "I'm alright."  I flew downstairs and found the bi-fold door to the coat closet had come off the track and crashed into the wall, leaving a huge gash.  (The coat closet is one of the many, many "garages" at our house, so Jacob had been playing in there.  I couldn't get too mad at him, though, because I knew the track on the door was bent/loose, anyway.)  My biggest concern at that point was repainting the drywall because we didn't have any touch-up paint.  To make a long story short(er), the paint guy at Home Depot eyeballed a tiny chip of the drywall that I brought in and matched it exactly!  He eyeballed it, and found the perfect shade of white paint--- how amazing is that?!  I cannot tell you how nice it is to have touch-up paint now!  I have spent hours- seriously- touching up all the little marks on the drywall, and it has made me extremely happy.

  • Speaking of happy things, we are finally getting Carter to bed at a decent hour.  Bath time now starts between 7:15- 7:30, Jacob gets his stories by 7:45, and he and I sing until 8. (Don't ask)  By 7:45-8, Frank feeds Carter, and sometime between 8-8:15, Carter is usually out.  I still go in and give him a bottle at 10, but he's not actually awake for it.  I'm not sure that it's necessary, but I hate to mess with the system right now.  He is up between 2-3 to eat, and then up again between 5-6:30.  It's not too bad.  

  • I leave you with a picture of "Cawty Michael" as Jacob calls him:

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