Friday, October 5, 2012

Challenges and Perspective

One of the things we worried about when I found out I was pregnant with Carter was how different life would be with two kids.  Jacob's first year nearly killed us.  No lie.  But I think we both thought that after surviving that, we could probably survive anything.

I'm happy to report that we both feel the transition from 0-1 kids was much more difficult than the transition from 1-2 kids.  That's not to say there aren't some challenges.  Because I seem to think much better in bullet points these days, here are some of the things we're working on...

  • Tell me why everyone always needs to eat at the same time?  Carter always decides he is hungry when I'm trying to make lunch or dinner and/or Jacob is eating.  I try to be proactive and feed Carter early, like at 4, but sure enough, by 5:30, he thinks he's starving again.  It sometimes turns into a total circus trying to feed 3 people.  (Oh, and me.)

  • How do I get out the door on time?  By the time I get one kid dressed and fed, the second one poops, and then wants to be fed, and then the first one poops, and then the second one has spit up on his outfit, and then after I change him and start to load the diaper bag, the second one has pooped again, and then the first one demands a drink from the sippy cup that's already in the diaper bag, and then it's time for the second one to eat again.  Yeah, that happened.

  • Will I ever go anywhere with these two without breaking a sweat?  I'm not that strong, and this whole carrying-a-carseat-and-a-diaper-bag-while-wrangling-a-toddler thing is hard!  Just leaving the house is a workout!

  • When do Frank and I get our evenings back?  Pre-Carter, we were free as soon as we put Jacob down at 8.  Now, Carter is usually at his most awake from 6-9, so we are constantly entertaining him.  And by "entertaining," I mean he is cat-napping on Frank's chest or being fed.  Putting him down is a big no-no, and he lets you know it.  By the time 10 pm rolls around, we're exhausted.  I can't wait to start moving his bedtime up.
I guess the good thing about the second one is that we have some perspective.  I remember some of these issues with Jacob, and they don't last forever.  Eventually, they work themselves out, and life gets a little easier.  Right now, though, you can find us feeding someone, changing someone, or waiting (im) patiently for 10 pm so we can get some sleep!

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