Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You Win Some, You Lose Some

I'm happy to report that mango Dippin' Dot making was a success!  I wouldn't exactly say it tasted like Dippin' Dots,(it tasted like a  mango- duh), but it had a very similar consistency.  The frozen, whipped fruit was great on a hot day. 

Fruity Goodness

While I'm on the subject of unusual recipes, I decided to try making iced coffee a few days ago.  My friend Courtney had given me some one-pot bags of different flavored coffees, so I grabbed the hazelnut and loosely followed a recipe.  I say "loosely" because the recipe called for a pound of coffee, and I only had 12 cups.  I put the coffee grounds into a big glass bowl with a lid and added approximately 5 cups of water.  I have read that iced coffee is generally weaker than brewed- and I like strong coffee- so I wanted to be sure it would be strong enough.  Then I let the bowl sit on the counter overnight.  In the morning, I strained the grounds and put the coffee in the fridge to chill. 

Now, there was nothing wrong with the coffee, but when I poured a cup, it tasted like... cold coffee.  When I think of iced coffee, I think my mind goes to foo- foo Starbucks drinks, and this definitely wasn't that.  I even put some milk and sugar in my iced coffee, thinking it might give it a little zip, but it still tasted like... cold coffee.  It was fine, but nothing special.  Definitely not special enough to go through the trouble of making again, especially when I have my regular morning coffee that is already made for me by a cute Italian guy!

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