Monday, July 18, 2011

Fun at the Children's Museum

I promise, we really do stay home sometimes, but in anticipation of finding something to do out of the heat on Saturday, we went to the Children's Discovery Museum here in Normal.  The museum is a great indoor activity, and we're lucky to have such a good museum this close. 

We started out in the "Under 4 Years" section with the slide and rock climbing.

And who can resist pressing his face against the plexiglass?!

 Not this dude!

We quickly wandered off into the area with the "gawks."  (cars)

Then, Jacob found a truck you can actually drive!  Jackpot!

                                                           (Sorry for the blurry-ness)

After lots of driving (we literally pulled him out), we went upstairs to discover yet another thing to drive:  a combine!

The combine didn't hold his attention as long as the car, though, and he quickly scooted off to find more things to get into.  He quickly found the "needles" (which aren't needles; I just don't really know how to describe them.)

and the stage.  He had no idea what the stage was for, but we let him play up there anyway.

"Where's the steering wheel?!  I want a steering wheel!"

Then we found the neatest mat that glowed with a moon and stars and when you stepped on it, it lit up into fireworks and sounded like fireworks exploding. 

                                                    Frank demonstrating his smooth moves

I thought Jacob would love it.  Instead, here's what he did:

Didn't dance; didn't move, just stood and pointed at...

the projection light above the mat.  Only my kid...

We finished up at the water table.  It's a little hard for me to believe he's big enough to reach the water table now, although he may still have some growing to do to fit into the smock!

He didn't mind, though, and had a great time splashing and playing!

It was a great way to kill some time on a hot Saturday!

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