Friday, July 15, 2011

Toes in the Water, Toes in the Sand: Vacation Recap Part 2

I had to break the vacation recap into two parts because I blog during Jacob's naps, and Mr. Toddler only allows me so much time.  Where was I...
  • The beach!  The beach was definitely a highlight even though it was really hot and really sticky and really sandy.  (I know.  Duh, right?)  This was Jacob's first time at the beach, and he love, love loved it!  He played with Jenna and Brett, and "helped" Frank build sandcastles, but his main priority was just feeling and throwing the sand! 

I think we stayed out about an hour and a half.  The temp was between 95 and 100, and we were hot!  It was so much fun, but cleanup was an ordeal.  I vowed no more beaches for another year or two! 

(See how sandy he was?!)
  • We went with Frank's parents to the Gulf Shores Zoo.  It is a small zoo, but we have a small kid, so it worked out just fine! :)

"I have these two wrapped around my finger!"

The zoo did have alligators, and Jacob is an alligator fan.  The alligators were pretty quiet when we were watching them, though.

Later, Grandma bought Jacob an alligator to commemorate the occasion.  Her name is Allie the Alabama Alligator, and she likes to "bite" Jacob's finger.  Pretty cute.

  • The recap would not be complete without mentioning Lulu's.  This restaurant is owned by Jimmy Buffett's sister Lucy and is composed of several buildings, outdoor areas, a beach, and a marina.  It definitely has that laid-back-super-chill Jimmy Buffett vibe.  We knew there would be a wait, so Frank and Garett left early to wait on a table.  They're both seated below in one of the outdoor areas.

Obviously, they had a difficult job! :)

Lulu's was an hour an 45 minute wait.  Let me say that again:  one hour and 45 minutes.  That's about an hour and 30 minutes longer than we've ever waited at a restaurant with Jacob, ever.  Fortunately, there was an enormous outdoor area for the kids.  (Unfortunately, I had put baby lotion on Jacob just before we left, so the sand stuck to him like he was a craft project.)

Once we finally got seated, our food came quickly.  I should also mention that I had seafood every day we were there, and it was fantastic!!

We were very grateful for the opportunity to spend the week with our family.  It was a lot of fun to hang out with each other and do things as a group of 9!

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