Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Visit to the Farm

Just a few miles from our house is Rader Family Farms, an "agritourism" farm with a pumpkin patch, cafe, a petting zoo, and acres of outdoor children's activities.  It is only open September and October, which makes it even more special.

This year, my dilemma was actually finding a time to go, since weekends are super-crowded, and the thought of going during the week made me feel like I was cheating on Jacob.  (Carter likes Rader Farms; Jacob loves Rader Farms.)  This past Monday was Columbus Day, and I knew it would be perfect since Jacob was off school.

I was also anticipating the crowds, so we arrived about 15 minutes before it actually opened.

One day, I'll get one of those pictures that everyone else posts on Facebook where the kids are dressed in cute fall clothes and cooperating.

 Today wasn't that day.

They really just wanted to PLAY!

Anyone notice there's a kid missing from most of these pictures?  Mr. Carter is not a fan of taking turns and had gotten his nose out of joint when we moved on from the first activity, which by now was several activities ago.  At least he's hard to lose in a crowd... you can always locate him by his screaming.

Finally, he had had enough of himself, and straightened up to enjoy the last half of our trip.

The fact that Jacob is wearing a bright colored shirt? Not an accident!  Look how easily you can find him!

This giant tire tower was a new addition this year, and the kids loved it.  It would have been just a bit better, though, on a day without 20+mph winds!

This always makes me smile.

By this time, it was nearing lunch and as predicted, it was extremely crowded, so we got in line for one last activity---everyone's favorite:  the caterpillar train!

Until next year!

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