Friday, October 3, 2014

Life in Pictures

I've been really camera-happy the last few weeks.  I feel like time is flying fast... or maybe it's just the the pretty autumn lighting... who knows, but I have a few fun pictures to share.

1.  Harvest

Seeing those combines always makes me think of my grandpas.  I love looking out my window and watching the farmers work.

And when they're still working in the evening?  Even better! So spooky and magical to watch those lights cut through the hazy, dusty fields.

Someone else was pretty into it as well.

2.  Outdoor Fall Decorations

They're up!

So I have never head a fall wreath. Since before I've been married, I had an old clump of branches that I wound a leaf garland around-- the whole thing was, like, $5.  This year, I was over it (and I am actually using the leaf garland somewhere else in the house :), so I went to Hobby Lobby, picked up some supplies, and made this!  Maybe I need to revise that part in my bio about not being crafty!

3.  Fangs

Jacob got these from a birthday party at school, and he's obsessed.

4.  Grandparents

Anna and Gary were here this past weekend, and I got a few pictures of them exploring with the kids.

5.  Fun Times With Friends

Anna and Gary watched the kids so we could go to a neighborhood party.  The adjacent subdivision has a spring/fall party where the whole group goes to each other's houses for a drink and appetizer. Remember "Progressive Dinners" from the 1970/80's?  (haha, my parents are nodding.)  This is the same concept.

As couples, we pared up, and one couple brought an appetizer and one couple brought a drink. Our theme this time was Tailgating.  At our house, we served walking tacos (courtesy of the sweet lady next to me in grey). and Wicked Autumn Apple Sangria.  I wasn't super-impressed with my sangria, so I'm not posting the link to the recipe, but everyone drank every last drop.  The walking tacos were a runaway hit, though.  We made it to the last house around 10:30 pm, where they served chili and beer.  Overall, it was a great evening- we met some neighbors and spent time with great friends!

6.  A Birthday

My dad turned the big 6-5 this week (hey, it's cool, we like birthdays around these parts!).  His actual birthday was Tuesday, but he and mom were here on Monday, so we took them to lunch at Smashburger.  It's sort of an inside joke, but Jacob has said for months that he wants to take dad to Smashburger, and he finally got the chance.  His glasses in the pic below say, "Happy Birthday" because that's what you get when a 4 year old helps plan your party. :)  Jacob, of course, stole them as you can see in the last two pictures.

7.  The Weirdest Thing I've Ever Seen in My Yard

The scene:  my parents are playing outside with the kids on Monday, when my mom tells me, "Don't freak out, but there's something in your landscaping, and I think it's a snake."

[Uh, cue freak out.]

To make a long story short, it was not a snake.  My best guess is that it was some kind of fungus, but does it not look like it has a face in the last picture?!  OMGeeeee!

Upon witnessing my hysterics, my dad sent everyone inside and whacked the thing with a shovel.  At this point, we confirmed that it wasn't a snake, but we're still not sure what it was.  He said it had some other pink and white "things" around it, which he also dug up, so my bet is some type of fungus.

And an update: two days after my dad dug it up... it was baa-aa-ck!  (Which is why my vote here is for fungus) Seriously?!  If this thing keeps growing, we'll have the creepiest house on the block!

8.  Friday Night Movie Nights

This also qualifies for, "It's baa-aa-ck!"  If Jacob didn't claim to love this so much, it wouldn't be on our agenda.  Pillows, blankets, popcorn, and a movie... how can this go wrong?  In real life, it can go wrong when everybody fights, people spill drinks, smush popcorn into the carpet, everyone wrestles, and no one watches the movie.  [Example below]

Yep, Cartie, that's how I feel about Friday Night Movie Nights, too.

But on this chilly October night, we're giving it another shot.  It's about memories, right?  Even if it's memories of mom yelling at you to be quiet and watch a movie when you just really want to get up and wrestle with dad?  Can I get an amen?

Peace out, Friday.

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