Monday, February 24, 2014

That Time Where I Threatened Winter

I am so ready for spring.

Do I say this every year about this time?  Yes, I do.  And every year, these last few weeks (hopefully it's weeks and not months) of cold weather just get on my nerves.  I'm tired of winter coats and grey slush.

So I'm posting what I hope are the last of our winter/cold weather pics.

(These were taken a few weeks ago)

And I'm posting what I hope are our last cabin fever pics.

He's driving cars through shaving cream "snow."

He's standing on a plastic container.  Whatever.

Cuddling in blankets for our movie night.

So, Winter, you're done. You're not cute anymore, and winter activities have gotten old.  We are over you, and you need to go elsewhere.

I want to paint my toenails pink, put on my flip flops, take the kids to the park, and grill some burgers for dinner.  My next post better be about one- if not all- of those activities.

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