Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where Did I Leave Off...

Last week's nice weather combined with being gone over the long weekend combined with grading papers on professional negligence has left me very little time to blog!  I'll attempt a quick catch-up and then hopefully be a better blogger in the future. (or for a few weeks at least.)

Last week was Frank's birthday.  We took a DQ cake to his office and then had a cookie cake for the 3 of us.   I"m not sure which one of my "boys" ate more cookie cake!

The rabbit situation is out of control.  I felt a little sorry for them in the hot weather, so I set out a plastic container of water.  They took advantage of my generosity by eating my petunias. By Monday evening, there was nothing left of my flowers in this picture.

Over the weekend, we went to Murray, KY, to attend Frank's cousin's wedding.  It was there that we learned that Jacob likes to dance!  He tore up the dance floor with Grandma Anna and Great Grandma Marion until late into the evening (9;30).  After that, he promptly decided he was ready for bed and had an epic meltdown.  Good thing the band was loud!

On Monday afternoon, we went boating with some family friends. I didn't think I would get to go boating at all this summer, so it was a treat!  We stayed under the canopy in the back of the pontoon most of the time, but of course, Jacob being Jacob, he had to take a turn at driving.  He fell asleep towards the end, and refused to let me move him into a more comfortable position.  The last picture cracks me up!

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming!

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