Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gardenng With Jacob- Part 1: Using a Rake

It's very important that when you begin gardening, you have a firm grip on the handle of your rake.

Then you pound the rake on the dirt several times. 

If you can, try to pick up some mulch with your rake.

Taste the mulch.

Then you are ready to begin your main job of moving mulch from the flower beds onto the porch. Any concrete surface could use a good sprinkling of mulch!

Inspect your work from all angles.

Pull the blooms off mom's flowers (Rake not required)

and add some mulch to the flowers. 

There you have it!  By following these simple instructions, you will be using your rake like a pro in no time! 

[I actually took these pictures a few days ago when it was warmer.  Today is nice, but it's not shorts weather.]

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