Friday, May 6, 2011

Favorite T-Shirts

Lately, Jacob has taken an interest in his clothes.  Not that he really cares what we put on him, but he has two shirts, in particular, that he really likes to wear:  a truck shirt and an aligator shirt.  On days when he wears those shirts, he will point to the truck or the aligator on his shirt, and then usually go look through his books to find a picture of a truck or an aligator.  I love that he's made the connection between the aligator on his shirt and the aligator in his book. 

Here's a picture of the aligator shirt.  (See how he points to it? :)

(Yes, I know these pants are a little short.)

He was wearing the truck shirt on the day that he got his hair cut, which was not a coincidence.  I thought it might keep him happy, but aparently he forgot all about his cool shirt when he saw the stylist! 

Anyway, I took a few more pictures of him in the aligator shirt that day, since the weather was finally halfway decent and we were able to go outside for a while.

And my favorite:

He looks like he's saying, "Don't you wish you had an aligator shirt, too?"

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