Friday, January 28, 2011

Books and Brooms and Stairs- Oh My!

Lately, Jacob wants to play with "real" things- the TV remote still being one of his favorites.  He loves throwing things out of kitchen drawers and playing with plastic containers, spoons, and pans.  It's like a little tornado hitting the kitchen.  We do have some cabinets locked, but most childproofing requires drilling a hole in or putting adhesive on the cabinet, and I'm not willing to do that-  yet.  Here he is in all of his tornado-glory...

Fortunately, he will sit still for stories.  He loves to be read to!  I think reading is so important, and I hope he always enjoys books.  For Christmas, he received a St. Louis Cardinals book from Aunt Rachael and Uncle Garett, the kind that has pictures and words like, "Busch Stadium."  Adorable, but way above his head, right?  Nope!  It's a new favorite, and I have to admit, I've learned some stuff about the Cardinals! 

Notice the bare feet?!

Another new favorite book is Starry Sky Songs, a Sesame Street book that my Uncle Art and Aunt Susie bought for him.  It plays music, so of course, he's obsessed. 

Despite his destructive tendancies, he does like to help me clean.  (Finally, an area where he takes after me!) He dusts and vaccuums like a pro!  For the last few days, he's been walking around wtih a child-sized broom that Grandpa Gary and Grandma Anna bought for him.  Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of him with his broom yet, but soon- promise. 

Yesterday it was all about the stairs.  He's been crawling up the stairs since summer but has only recently learned to slide down.  Then he discovered that if he crawls up a few stairs, he can turn on the lights in the stairway.  He knows he can get our attention if he starts climbing the stairs...

There's never a dull moment!

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