Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Remember the Time

Remember the time when...

I received some pretty tulips for my birthday,  Tulips are my favorite!

I thought it would be a good idea to buy sidewalk paint.  (Sidewalk PAINT!  Washable, but still, I'm pleading temporary insanity.)

We raised a tiny little lettuce seedling. It's still currently indoors in this makeshift greenhouse.  I'm hoping we get a salad out of it someday!

My gardeners were hard at work outdoors, too.

I took some artistic yet slightly creepy pictures of Carter jumping on our bed one evening.

The farmer rolled through the field behind us for what may likely be the last year.  The developers have torn up a good portion of the field already and have begun the infrastructure for several new streets. #theregoesmyview

My kids practiced shooting their stomp rockets at a target.

(See, there's the "targit.")

And last but not least, Carter finally got his big boy bed!  I ended up not going with any of my top three choices, but I really like this bedspread.  There is still some re-arranging and new picture hanging to be done, but his room is finally coming together!

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