Thursday, March 19, 2015

Road Trip!

A couple of weeks ago, I loaded up the kids, and we took a little road trip to Champaign.  We originally planned to go to the Indoor Playground at the First Christian Church, which is a-mazing. Unfortunately, their hours have changed a bit since the last time we were there, and they're no longer open on Fridays.  Of course, it  was a Friday... so we decided to check out a new play area at Windsor Road Christian Church.  (What's with chuirches opening play areas?  Is that a "thing" now?)

Anyway, I knew this play area was much smaller, but we're all pretty easily entertained, especially during the last days of winter.

I used to attend Windsor Road (albiet infrequently) when I lived in Champaign, and it was such an odd feeling going in the door now as a married lady with two kids; one of those moments where you realize how much your life has changed in such a short time.

The playground done in a Road Rally theme, and the space is small but well-allocated.  There is one big slide.

Haha, everybody decided to be tough guys, going down backwards and hanging on the bars.

There is also a smaller structure, which unsurprisingly, Carter was more interested in than Jacob.

Then we realized that there were tons of Legos under the hood of this "truck." My kids aren't really into Legos, but I can imagine some kids would have a blast just sitting here and building.

I made some Lego cars for them, and being able to race cars down the slide gave it a whole new use.

Another thing we really liked was this climbing structure.

Such a monkey!

The other really cool area was a huge traffic cone with pillows and a furry rug.  To me, it looks like a great area to read books, but since we didn't bring any books, the kids crawled through it and they were done.

There was a nice, new coffee bar area off the play area, so we went out there and had a snack.  They also had a complimentary coffee bar set up, which was awesome.  By the time we finished our snack, approximately 45 billion kids had taken over the play area.  Seriously.  So the kids even agreed it was time to be done.

Overall, I give the space an A for effort.  In the middle of winter, it's great to have somewhere indoors to take your kid that isn't McDonald's, so props to Windsor Road for allowing this space for community use.  I would say the play area is best suited for kids who are preschool-age and younger. Would we come here again?  Although I probably wouldn't make the drive specifically to go to this play area, it would be a fun place to stop if we were already in town for another reason.  My kids always enjoy playing somewhere new!

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