Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Spook-tacular Halloween 2014

To properly recap Halloween, I must first recap the Kiddie Parade at the Fall Festival in Frank's hometown.

Jacob was a Mad Scientist.

Carter was a puppy.

A very angry puppy.

I have to say, Jacob did a good job and the parade and judging. He had a tray full of "science experiments" and slime, but he cooperated and ended up winning 1st Place in his age group.

Carter, on the other hand...  Carter didn't want to wear his costume, and he especially didn't like the hood.  He basically screamed all the way down the street and during the judging.  He was adorable, though.  I really think if he had cooperated, he would have won, too.  (Or maybe I'm biased, Whatever...)

By the actual evening of October 31, the temps were in the mid 30's here, and there were 30 mile-an-hour winds.  Not great trick-or-treating weather at all!

Frank and the kids loaded up right away at 5:00 while there was still some daylight.  It was hard to stay in costume and still stay warm! (Yes, he has his Easter bucket... I couldn't find their jack o' lanterns.)

They were back after about 20 minutes!  Frank and I ate some Lasagna Soup (which is an awesome recipe!), and the kids had mummy dogs and monster eyeball cookies.

After dinner Jacob decided he wanted to go back out, so Frank braved the weather with him for another half an hour or so.

I was prepared to have a lot of leftover candy because of the nasty weather, but the trick-or-treaters kept coming, long after the kids had put on their pj's.

(I had to find a way to sneak in this cute shot of Carter in his jammies)

We ended up turning off the light around 7:30 and everyone, including Shadow, spent the rest of the evening enjoying the fire.

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