Friday, August 8, 2014

The Friday Five

I don't care if it's August; it's still early August, and I'm not ready for all this fall/back-to-school stuff!  I love summer, and this one has seemed too short.  I am not going to think about fall decorations, fall clothes, or fall activities for at least another week or two.  (Notice fall food isn't on that list? You'll understand why when you read #1!)

Here are the five things making me happy today:

#1  Apple BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches with Apple Slaw.  This is currently in my crockpot, and the smell is AMAZING!  If they taste half as good as they smell, we have a winner.

2.  Curtains.  I'm not getting new curtains any time soon, but I'm thinking about them.  I have Project ADD. Remember the gallery wall I want to make in the hallway?  Yep, I still want it, but I haven't done any more about it.  

Now, I have curtains on the brain.  I don't want pattern, but I don't want solid.  Something like this might be cool. 

3.  More inspiration rooms.  Look at these gorgeous spaces.  How can you not feel like you have projects when you see these rooms?

4.  Carter's new job.  Every day, at least twice a day, Carter gets out all of the cars and lines them up.  Sometimes he plays with them, but sometimes the fun is just in lining them up.  Eventually, he puts them all back in the drawer.  (It's the putting-them-back part that makes this a happy thing for me!)  He is so serious about it, too, like it's his job.

5.  This quote:

Happy Weekend!

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