Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Making- a gallery wall in the downstairs hall.  I've changed my mind multiple times about the pictures and the layout.  I haven't even bought the frames, but I'm in the mood to change things up.  Aesthetically, I like quiet spaces so this is a big step for mama!

Cooking- BBQ Biscuit Cups.  Easiest thing ever!  I'll try to post the "recipe" later.

Eating- BBQ Biscuit Cups, probably for days!

Drinking- sun tea

Reading- Emily says I need to read The Devil is in the Junior League by Linda Francis. Judging by the title, I agree this sounds like my kind of book!

Wanting- to find cheap frames for the gallery wall that don't look cheap

Playing- "Come Get it Bae" by Pharrell Williams in my car as many times as possible!

Wasting-money at Target. (that was an easy one!)

Listening- to Carter say, "Up me out now," which means, "Pick me up and get me out of this situation,"  And "Down me out now," which means, "Get me down from my high chair/car seat and get me out of this situation."

Waiting- to see if the skunk that showed up a few nights ago in the field behind the house will come back

Wondering- if Jacob is really getting anything out of his t-ball and/or soccer practices.

Hoping- that one day I can take the kids to the park/pool/library without one of them freaking out about something and me getting annoyed

Marveling- at these pictures of my guys in the same sun hat

Jacob- July 2011 

Carter- June 2014

Needing- to make a menu and grocery list for next week

Smelling- lemon Pledge

Wearing- pink shorts and a navy top

Remembering- when I was a kid and we used to have grilled hamburgers, sliced tomatoes, and sweet corn all the time in the summer.  (I guess I just gave myself a menu idea!)

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