Tuesday, May 13, 2014

At A Glance

At some point during the last month or so, I've lost my baby. Carter Michael or "Cartie Mike," as I usually call him, is a full-fledged toddler.  I really like this age, though, because he has some degree of independence, but I can still pretend he's a snuggly baby when I want him to be.

Here is Carter at a glance:

As milestones go, he's a pretty typical toddler:

He has a sharp sense of humor, wants to do everything Jacob does, and he is So Ridiculously Stubborn.

He mimics whatever we say.  One afternoon, I said, "Cartie, you're a little parrot."  To which he chirped, "Pairt!  Parit!"

He always wants to use a fork and spoon, even when they're not required.

He knows his animal sounds.

He's still pretty bad at colors.  Everything is "Geen," or "Bwew," (otherwise known as, "Green," and "Blue.")

He tries to count, and usually says, "One, two, free, six, eight."

As far as his likes/dislikes...

Likes:  Eating, being held, his blanket (which he calls his "Bee"), digging in the dirt, busses and trains, playing with Tupperware, and stealing Jacob's stuff.

Dislikes:  Walking downstairs by himself (because a prince need to be carried, I guess), riding in a shopping cart or stroller (unless there are snacks involved), being out of his routine, when mom tries to type on the computer, and his most recent dislike-- naps.

A few pictures of Carter in action...

He has his mama wrapped around his little finger, and he knows it!

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