Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Preschooler!

Jacob started preschool last Thursday, August 27.  The first day was only an hour long, and we all- including Carter- went with him.  I was so glad that Frank could come, because they ended up having a scavenger hunt-type game that was supposed to familiarize the kids with the room and it would have been really difficult to help Jacob and watch Carter, too.

We've talked about "preschool" for months, and Jacob was ready to find out what it was all about.

The school he attends is a Methodist preschool, and it is about five minutes from our house, which is an even shorter commute than Frank's!

Our neighbor girl, Elsah, is in his class.  She is a doll, and you can see by her little smirk that she can put Jacob in his place in no time!  Did I mention I'm in favor of arranged marriages?!

We met his teachers, Mrs. L

 and Mrs. B.  In the picture below, he was telling Mrs. B about our car.  Go figure.

 The classroom is bright and cheery.  Beyond those doors there is a small playground.

They have a really cool reading loft, that I thought was awesome.

Jacob didn't seem very impressed with it yet, though.

And, oh my, his very own cubby.

And his very own job!

After we finished the scavenger hunt, which included things like, "Find the art table and draw a picture,"

Mrs. L gathered the kids on the rug for a story.

We covered a LOT of ground in one hour!

We're now on day three of school, and so far, he has enjoyed it.  Even though he's used to being with me, I think we go to enough new places, meet enough new people, and do enough new things that going to school wasn't that big of a shock for him.  He's nosy with an adventurous streak, and it serves him well in this setting.

I, personally, am looking forward to seeing his first drippy, watercolor painting and can't wait to see how he matures this year!

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